How to Create Your Personal Blog Step by Step Guide?

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Learn how to create a blog. Now you need not to ask anyone to “create my blog” as this post will really help you to find out the way how to create blog. Creating blog is not a big deal if you know what blog actually is referred to, then certain ways to creating a blog. Here you will learn the way to create a blog, with outlining article giving step by step guidance of creating blog with relevant video tutorials on how to create a blog.


As for the question regarding what is blog refers to, the answer is simple is that the Blogs are personal, online equivalents of a journal, diary, bulletin board, column or forum i.e. a web-based running commentary, on which people are allowed to comment while readers as  a single entry most of the times. However, usually people blog about politics, technology, sports, media, religion, education, and a like.


Most of the websites usually have their blogs also to keep traffic in touch and interactive to their web-sites. If you are really interesting to know how to create a blog on simple method, we have tried to solve your problem below. All you need is just to follow the given points step by step.

key points

They are two basic ways to create a blog i.e. free and purchased.

Visit to start your journey toward making a free blog. However, Typepad & LiveJournal are just a few places to get familiar with also.

But if you'd like to involve or learn more, just buy blogging software. To start your blog, software isn’t necessary; however, you can add the elements to get more options.

Don’t forget to consider registering a domain name that redirects others to the URL of your blog page. You may get more visitors this way if the name is relevant to the topic you made a blog for

Start writing the articles considering the topics or highlight the issues you want people to debate on.

A blog can be a great way to share your opinions and tell stories. The more frequently you write the more visitors you'll tend to receive. Try to write daily so that the visitor attract considering the content must be useful.

Remember that a blog is made public. Do not tend to share anything that is too personal or you risk having regrets or anything violates the law, i.e. copy rights etc.

You can also add graphics, animation, polls and other relevant features to attract the traffic, there is no limit.

You can also earn money if you get successful to have healthy traffic, with respect to visitors, viewers, commentators, the time they spent on your blog or the area they belong to.

This is the simplest way of creating a blog. However, they are many of things more to learn to be a good or professional blogger. So keep in touch with us to get more. We wish your question may be answered, if not, or want to get more details, please ask.


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How To Create A Blog - Step-By-Step Guide

Here is tip & tricks how to easily make a new blog, if yet you are not professional in simple steps.

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