How to Delete Messages on Skype - Step by Step Guide

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Skype is a great thing to communicate with others in all over the world with no costs to be incurred, it is just free to use. Many features of Skype are making it more popular in different communities on the other hand people are also found to complaining and demanding more options and control over their voice conversation despite of the fact that Skype is offering them a good range of control. We will discuss here a controlling option of Skype which is given to its users for their ease.


How to Delete Messages on Skype? Are you serious to do that then the solution is here for you, just follow 4 simple steps to delete Skype messages.


If a person says that he had some confidential conversation on Skype which he doesn’t want to be viewed by anyone from his friends or home members. Then he wants to remove the record of this conversation from Skype record by any means and in any way.


He don’t care the steps are out of way or in the way, the focus is to achieve the task. Now doesn’t worry about that Skype provides the function of deleting your all call and messages/Chat records with your own hands and with your own consent.


Here is a step by step instructive guide lines which will guide you through out the whole process of “delete Messages in Skype”. 



Start your device on which you use Skype in normal life, now open up your Skype software App and log-in to your account.

After this click on the “Tools” button in the top menu bar of this application, a drop down menu will appear select the options button from here.

Now select the IMs and SMS options from the sub-options of the main category.

Click on the ‘IMs Settings’ and select ‘advance options’ click on the clear history this will erase your all history of messaging via Skype.

Delete Messages On Skype Video Tutorials

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