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Are you also wanted to block a contact from your contact list? Is he teasing you? Or you just want to block him due to his wrong behavior? First of all you should know what does it means to block someone on Skype. If you blocked someone he will not get any notification for blocking by you, as a result you will be seen as offline for all the time in their contact list. 


How to block someone on Skype get your issue solved by reading the instructions on this page about your problem of how to block people on Skype.


Whatever the reason is here we will provide you the answer to your question. Follow the instructive guidelines explained below to block someone in your Skype account you may also delete him forever from your contact list.


block someone on Skype

key points

Turn on your computer or any other device on which you use Skype.

to your Skype account after opening the Skype application

Find out the contacts which you want to block from the contact list.

After you have point out the contact choose the first contact you want to block right click on it

A drop down will appear choose the “block this Person” option from this menu a new window will appear.

Select block button at the bottom of this window to block him

You can also select the report abuse button to report the unethical behavior from his side towards you.

You can also remove him/her from your contact list by clicking on the ‘remove from contacts’ button.

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