How to install Skype Telstra 3G internet Phone?

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Do you also have this same question in your mind here is the answer to this question you can read the instructive lines in the post to get your issue solve. Everybody should know that Skype is an VOIP software which allows you communicate with your friends, relatives so on via an internet connection no matter on which device you run this software there are many options open for you to choose the device to use SKYPE for VIOP or IM. 


Install Skype on Telstra 3G internet Phone, to stay connected with your friends and start using Skype to Skype free calls and IMs via Telstra 3G Phone.


You can use Telstra 3G internet Phone to carry out your conversation with other people in the world for free by using Skype on your Telstra 3G Phone. The details of how to install or use this software on your phone are as following.


Instructive Lines

First of all go to and download Skype on your desktop by clicking in the button “download Skype” after completion of download install the software on your desktop.

The next steps you have to do is Signing-in to Skype server or software, if you don’t have an account then fill the sign-up form to create your account.

After signing-in your skype home window will be at your front screen, here you have to launch a “skype test call” by clicking on the icon in front of the home page of Skype.

Now connect your phone to your ADSL or cable modem by using an Ethernet cable, turn-on your phone by pressing the power button.

Now select your sign-in option of the Skype software in your phone enter the required detail of username and password.

Your Skype is there on your Telstra 3G Internet Handheld with all your contacts, with chat details as on your desktop device.

Enjoy using Skype on your Telstra 3G internet Device; make your first Skype VOIP call to your most loving contact which you missed a lot.

Select the contact press the “Skype Call” button then wait for few second till skype able to make a ring to your selected contact.

You can end the call by pushing the “Receiver Sign” in red color.

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Install Skype on a Telstra 3G Internet Phone

Step by step learn how to install Skype on Telstra 3G Internet Phone, because Skype allowes to talk with everyone all over the world

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