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How to record Skype audio call is the common question people ask for as they want a solution for their question in this regard. There are two meanings of this question one might understand that he is asking for the procedural guide lines about the use of any software to record Skype audio call.


Record Skype Call by using the softwares given this article recording Skype calls is an easy process, people record lectures, interviews and many other things. Take the consent of next party before recording.


The second meaning of this question might points out towards that he is demanding a software name so that he can download that software and can record his Skype audio calls.


Need Behind This Question
There are many reasons behind this question that people asks, some of them want to record their calls coming from office as these calls contains instructions. People record their hector’s call so that they can hear that again and again with the need to perform their duty in well manner.


Some students take their classes online and have to record the lectures for the preparation time in the exams to revise the subject without suffering any point in the lecture. People also record any Skype audio call as prove to show third party or government authority the call as prove of communication between you and any other. 


Take the Consent First
Make your “Skype audio call recording” legal so that after recording you’re not sued by any other or third party. Some countries do not allow you record someone calls and have proper law in this regard you may be get punished for doing so.



The first step to make your Skype calls recording legal you must have to first seek any law which prohibits you to record any call, if you find so then you must move to second step under this heading otherwise enjoy recording Skype calls.

The second step if there is a law against this is here, you must now have to take the explicit consent of the next party whom you want to record. Go straight and bold don’t hesitate ask for his permission and tell him the reasons behind the recording of the call clearly I am sure that he will allow you on reasonable basis.

Software to Record Skype Audio Call

There are many software’s to record your Skype audio calls but for instance you must have to think that which one you should choose from a long list to avoid any inconvenience while installing the software or using the software. Each software has its own usability features and level of controls which are available to you. Here are some of the softwares to record your Skype audio calls with their specific features.


Free Audio & Video Recorder for MAC

There are many voice recorders in the market available to people to record skype audio and video calls but some of them are giving you the trial version and imposing some restrictions on you which includes the noise in the voice recording after 10 minutes. But here I am going to give you a reference of the software on which you can record both Skype audio and video calls on this software the name of the software is ‘VODBurner’ you can download this software for your Mac 


Free Voice & video recorder for Windows

There are many types of software people refer to their visitors on their website for recording Skype audio or video but you must have different points in your mind while choosing the software for use. You must consider the output file format of the software so that you would be aware the quality of the output video or audio file. For pc or laptop I would be like to refer you the “Camtasia” you can get this software, Enjoy recording Skype audio or voice conversation on your laptop or PC by using this feature.




These above softwares can also be used to record the voice or video conversation by other chat programs. Find your required thing from here get the guide line about how to record your voice via skaype conversation.

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