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Explore out Secret Skype Emoticons and smileys for free this page also provides you super secret Skype emoticons for year 2014 and 2015. Are you a daily user of Skype? And connected to your friends and relatives via Skype then you must use Skype emoticons in your text messaging and IMs.


All Skype Emoticons Which Are Hidden


Emoticons Expression Code
Skype Smoking Emoticon Smoking (smoking)(smoke)(ci)
Skype Finger Emoticon Finger (finger)
Skype Heidy Emoticon Heidy (heidy)
Skype Toivo Emoticon Toivo (toivo)
Skype Swear Emoticon Swearing (swear)
Skype Drunk Emoticon Drunk (drunk)
Skype Mooning Emoticon Mooning (mooning)
Skype Bandit Emoticon Bandit (bandit)
Skype TMI Emoticon TMI (tmi)
Skype PoolParty Emoticon Poolparty (poolparty)
Skype Rock Emoticon. Rock (rock)
Skype Bug Emoticon Bug (bug)
Skype Fubar Emoticon Fubar (fubar)
Skype Headbang Emoticon Headbang


If you don’t use emoticons in your messages then you must use them as they shorten your message and also presents the theme of your message very easily. You don’t know the meaning of emoticons?

Here a short intro to emoticons for you. Emoticons are the small images which are in movement and explain a message in the moving image form.

You will be aware of the things when you see the emoticons listed below with their commands and image looks.

You have to enter the command in the text writing space to send the ‘secret Skype Emoticons’ to your friends. It might be not viewed by you but will surely be viewed by the receiver. Try it its free.




Skype Emoticon Caution The Emoticons Presented Here, Its Codes, Its Names and its Icons Are the Copyright of Skype. We Only Provide The Information To Share Knowledge To Our Users.

Secret Skype Emoticons


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