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This is a very common question asked by many people which shows that they are really worried about the speed of internet consuming by Skype. As I am also a user of Skype but I don’t worry about that because my internet connection never slowed down by using Skype on it. 


Skype Bandwidth Usage - You can find Bandwidth usage by Skype for high quality HD Video & Voice calls, Screen Sharing, Group calling, one minute and one hour internet usage by Skype.


So it is none of my issue that how much bandwidth does Skype use? Any how it could be if I was using a restricted internet connection which doesn’t allow me to use over a limit, or if my connection does not work properly, being behaving lazy and slow. 


However coming back to topic and moving forward to answer your question. 

key points

I checked Skype personally for the “Skype bandwidth usage” calculation and I reached to a result on the basis of which you can make a conclusion.

Skype is a peer to peer technology whose speed not only depends on your internet connection but also on your device on which you are using Skype.

According to my experience Skype uses a speed of 12Kb/s, which can be divided as 6kb/s downloading and uploading speed equally.

Going in to more detail it can be said that it uses a speed of 720kbps in one minute, 3.6Mbps in 5 Minutes, 7.2Mbps in 10 Minutes and 43.2Mbps in an hour.

Your Call Type
Download & Upload Speed
Recommended Download Upload Speed
30kbpsto 30kbps
00kbpsto 100kbps
Video calling & Screen sharing
128kbps to 128kbps
300kbps to 300kbps
Video calling (high-quality)
400kbps to 400kbps
500kbps / 500kbps
Video calling (HD)
1.2Mbps to1.2Mbps
1.5Mbps to 1.5Mbps
Group video for (3 people)
512kbps to 128kbps
2Mbps / 512kbps
Group video for (5 people)
2Mbps to 128kbps
4Mbps to512kbps
Group video for (7+ people)
4Mbps to 128kbps
8Mbps to 512kbps

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How much data does skype use? - Skype Community

Here you can find the complete answer how much bandwidth Skype does use, simply visit the site.

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How much bandwidth does Skype need?

Your answer is bandwidth required by Skype depends on the type of calls you want to make. Video calls use a lot more bandwidth.

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You Know,How Much Bandwidth Does Skype Use?

You can check easily bandwidths Skype uses that range for 24 to 128 kbps. You can test the bandwidth of your Skype call by clicking on the connections tab in the check settings

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