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Skype call forwarding: This is a quite unique and helpful feature of Skype when one needs call forwarding or if not in a position to remain online every time of the day.  This feature of Skype allows a person to set up call forwarding to his Skype account if he is not able to pick up the calls or if he is offline.


You can make a call forwarding to another Skype user account which is simply a free feature of Skype, on the contrary you can also make a call forward to any other landline or mobile phone number. It is not free feature at this time as you have to pay minute charges via purchasing Skype credit from your own account. The feature will works if you are offline the call will be diverted to the given phone number.


Skype call forwarding is unique feature, learn how to forward calls to Skype. You can forward incoming calls to Skype for free and to other numbers with little Skype credit or calling subscription.


The money would be paid by the person who is setting up call divert not the person who is making the call which is an admissible thing.


skype call forward


The steps which should be followed to make skype call forwarding are as followings.

First of all start Skype then choose the ‘option’ from “tools Button” in the menu bar

Now select the ‘calls’ button from the new window appeared as a result of first step, click on “Call Forwarding Button” from the sub-options of this category.

Click on the forward call button to enable call forwarding now enter the Skype user name if you want to divert the call on Skype, otherwise enter the phone number if you want to receive the calls on your landline or mobile phone.

You must have Skype credit in your account to forward calls on other numbers, you can also give more than one numbers at a time for call divert.

Set the time frame after which call is forward to the indicated option if not received in that time, by default this time is 15 Sec.

Now click save button and enjoy Skype Call Forwarding feature for your comfortably.

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Easily Learn Skype Call Forward

Skype call forwarding is great feature…. So easily call forward to any phone at very cheap rates per minutes

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How Skype Call Forwarding Works

Skype call forwarding permits you to incoming Skype call to shift on landline numbers…. Learn Skype call forwarding….

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