OoVoo VS Skype - Which One Is Better?

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OoVoo vs Skype, Both Skype and ooVoo are the VoIP service providers, differences of Skype & Oovoo read detailed points which must be consider before selecting one from Skype or Oovoo as your VOIP.


I am trying to write short and to the point so that it may not get you uncomfortable to read long things to reach the final decision or verdict point. There are some of the facts and figure from both sides of the software, you can consider them and can make the decision about the ooVoo Vs. Skype to choose the best option for you. Read the step by step instructive guide lines explaining differences b/w Skype & Oovoo carefully to make the best decision.



OoVoo vs. Skype Select Better One!  Both Skype and ooVoo are the VoIP service providers, Skype Vs. Oovoo you can use them both for this type of need, but here are some of detailed analysis which must be consider before deciding one out of both software apps.


Both Skype and ooVoo offers voice, video calls, instant messaging and approximately both have same functions. But there are some of differences in the performance while using them in different queues.


Oovoo vs Skype


For group chat in ooVoo only one person must have installed application to make group video calls, it can allow you to add maximum of 12 persons in video conference, while to make a conference calls with Skype everyone should have Skype installed in there devices, moreover it allows only 10 persons in video call and one out of them must have Skype premium to add all in to the call.

Comparison Of Skype & Oovoo

Free video calls with Skype only allow 2 persons to make a video chat, while this is not the matter in Skype.

In the feature of voice chat Skype allows a user to make a voice chat with maximum of 25 people simultaneously, while ooVoo only allows maximum of 12 people in this feature. So in this regard Skype sits above than ooVoo.

The platforms on which both software can be used includes, Mac, windows, iPhones, androids, while ooVoo is not available for Linux and Skype is available for Linux.

You can make calls to other landline and mobile phone numbers from both services but you have to pay a little in both of them.

Both of the devices are integrated with Facebook so they allow users to use Facebook chatting within from themselves.

That’s all hope that it will helpful for you to make the right decision. If there is something more to add share it in the comments below we will add it after consideration.

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