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best Offline GPS Apps for Android


Best GPS Apps for Android: Find the ways how Android users can explore navigation GPS apps for Android, if you have smartphone and installed the GPS apps to get the benefit of high definition Google maps without internet connect while you are offline.


You need to turn on your Smartphone and download the turn by turn navigation app from Google play store for Android platform which is totally free; also there are plenty of navigation & map apps like Maps & GPS Navigation by Sygic, CoPilot GPS, MapFactor for GPS Navigation, OsmAnd Maps and Navigation,Bonus of TomTom.


Amazing Features of Google Map for Android


1:This map provides guidance turn by turn driving direction with voice instructions


2:App will automatically recalculate the direction of route whenever you make the wrong direction or turn decision.


3:You have multiple options to find the multiple routes to avoid unusual traffic and provide the solutions to offer less traffic load routes.


4:Users can explore the build in voice search option and just need to speak the destination to search your location.


5:This app will automatically save the most often visited destinations and you can simply find it again


6:Find your live traffic report on your screen with dynamic ETA to your final destination


7:You can use Google street view which will display the destination in time of your arrival


8:This app also support the Google places, Zagat rating, hourly reviews, contact information, photo of destination of your destination routes.


9:Users of Android can easily switch and navigate between day maps to night maps.


10:This app is smartly offering the intelligence re-routing information to avoid you any mistake.


Don’t worries if you have Android phone user then just need to have familiarity of Google map so enjoy installing your error free turn by turn navigation application whatever Android phone model like Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and Jelly Bean 4.1/  4.2 for better experience.


Google's dynamic ETA and live traffic data if you are on the way are gorgeous features in navigation, for travellers especially know how to use this app are amazingly plodding of traffic and avoid the accident.


So amazing app which will guide the best routes carrying the low traffic load, multiple route options, by using the Google old data history, consistently updating the data load and provide the guide information to user and close integration of Google Now, Google Contact and local.

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