Change Your WiFi Password Guide

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Your Question how to change WiFi password, importantly secure connection of your WiFi is the key to protect your internet security and experience high speed Wi-Fi broadband internet browsing.


But assume if you’re connected poorly with Wi-Fi connection then all of your personal data & information is at stack, it is highly advised by internet security experts that change your passwords frequently by keeping router password protected.


In the market now, most modern and advanced routers are available and can be administrated through web browsers. You can easily search the wireless router admin interface and simply connect to it.

You may have written the password, if you not found the password then restart router to get its factory default password, also check the official site or manual of your wireless router manufacture.


Many routers manufactures have set default IP sub net set at the factory, so this default subnet will greatly help to identify routers IP address and easily connect to it and reach the administration interface.


Your specific routers manual will guide you how to identify correct IP address, we have enrolled the list of IP address  which may or may not accurate for your specific model.


Linksys - or

DLink - or

Apple -


Buffalo -

Netgear - or


After the default router address, you also required to specify port on which admin interface is running by placing a ‘:’ end of IP address follow the admin port number (i.e, :8080) if your router manufacture required this  way.


How to Log in Administrator Console the Router

Change your administrator name via visiting the router manufacture official website, enter your default admin password and follow the router model and brand name.


Wireless Security Configuration Using Latest Encryption

You can change wireless encryption from WEP to much secure WPA2 encryption which is nowadays considered viable and secure method for wireless encryption.


You can also change your wireless network name SSID from other names because hackers have pre-computed cracking models, so play be smart don’t use any dictionary word, because dictionary words can be easily cracked instead of on-dictionary words.


Create Strong Password

Your password should be stronger, so it’s good practice to turn off the option ‘allow wireless’ setting off, so someone connected the router through Ethernet cable can easily administer the router, you need to require turn off this option so no one can disorder the admin settings of router.

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