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Koodo Self Serve Sign in


Koodo mobile self serve login, register with self serve Koodo mobile to sign in at www.koodomobile.com/sso/UI/Login. Available 24/7 to manage your account, you may download and install the Koodo Self Serve app on your smart phone. Self serve Koodo mobile is offered by company to its customers to offer all the services online to manage their account at the official website.


By Koodo mobile self serve sign in you manage your account online, or download the Koodo self serve mobile app on your Smartphone. The self serve by Koodo is free you can use this service at your home for 24/7, this let you to manage your account and save your time to call the representative.


The service feature available to you in Koodo mobile self serve member login will be discussed in detail below, if you’re new to this service you can sign up to self serve of Koodo Canada by simply filling the form of your personal information asking about your account details.


A Short Description To Koodo Mobile Sign-In Or Sign-Up

Koodo mobile was founded in 2008 and is a fastest growing mobile service provider in Canada; the company is a part of Telus Canada which is the largest telecommunication brand of Canada.


  • To sign in to your Koodo selfserve account, go to this page www.koodomobile.com/sso/UI/Login?realm enter your email and password to get login to your account.

  • If you’re not a registered user, than you can sign up for self serve at the same page which is given above. Click on ‘Register Now’ button at the right side of your page.

  • Now enter your phone number by Koodo Mobile and click on ‘Continue’

  • Enter the customer account number and the postal code as prompted by the system and give all other details as required by the company.


Services Available In Koodo Self Serve


Sr. No. Features Offered In Self Serve Koodo Charge in Self Serve Customer Service Representative Charges
1 You can change Your 'Billing Address' and contact info. for your account              $0             $10
2 You can check the status of any ported number              $0             $0
3 You can change phone number of a subscriber in your account              $0             $25
4 You can restore and temporarily suspend a stolen or lost phone              $0             $0
5 By self serve you can 'Swap your Phone' with a new mobile phone              $0             $25
6 By Koodo Self Serve pay your bill using a Visa Debit card or Credit card              $0             $0
7 Enable or modify Pre-Authorized payments by using visa debit card, credit card or checks              $0 $10 to change or remove, but first time sign up is free
8 Find details of all the transactions history over last 3 months including payments, change in data plans, and much more              $0             $0
9 See airtime usage for a specific number or subscriber, this includes all data usage, calls and web browsing              $0             $0
  * This feature is not available to customers in PEI, NB, NS, NF, MB and SK.
10 Koodo Tab; see all the historical transactions and balance of Koodo tab              $0             $0
11 In Self serve Koodo you can change and Add features from your account              $0             $10
12 You can 'Change Rate Plan' of a subscriber, by using Koodo Selfserve              $0             $10
13 You can edit the 5 Essentials phone numbers of a subscriber from your Koodo Selfserve              $0             $10

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