How to Start a Group Instant Message (Chat) in Skype for Windows Desktop

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A group chat on Skype is when you include two or more in one chat. In this case, you’re chatting with two or more Skype contacts by sending them messages simultaneously. The message will be sent to and received by all the participants invited in Skype group chat. All you need is to create a group from scratch, or add contacts to an existing conversation.


You can add up to 300 contacts in one single Group i.e. one IM conversation. You can send and receive messages, files, photos and important things to share all in same time. It is one of the best tool provided by Skype helping the both, collective tasks of business and family issues, group projects with co-workers and planning events with family or friends.


Learn more about Group chat, for example, How to create a group, how to add contacts to an existing conversation, how to save a group to my contact list, how to rename a group, how to leave a group conversation and much more.


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You can also take assistance on Skype Group chat from the following selected links along with the video tutorials on how to start a group instant message in Skype for Windows desktop.

Support Skype Com Group Chat On Skype Video Tutorials

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