How can I Edit Skype Contacts using Windows 8, Android or Mac OS X

Skype - United States (on February 24, 2015 02:53 AM)


If your friend on Skype has edited his contact information, or just changed his phone number, and you want to delete his old phone number, or willing to edit other Skype contacts, you are at right place to get your answer!


Many a times in Skype, either you want to change your friend’s contact information or when your Skype friend changes his/her information such as phone number, you find difficult to contact him/her and observe the changes made by your Skype contact.


Unfortunately, I have searched many forums to get the right answer if there is any option available in any version of Skype that gives you option to change or edit contact information, or any app for Windows, androids or Mac mobiles available in market that can be used to create the edit Skype contact option, but I failed to find out.


So, it is a very big loop hole made my Skype manufacturers, and they must consider it seriously as Skype and or MS have not realized that editing a contact is necessary. If you have any quire about the subject, you can ask via commenting in following comment box.



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