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Skype - United States (on February 24, 2015 03:07 AM)

Skype Network Settings


Unable to connect to Skype check network settings error says, update to the latest version then try again. Skype is the best VOIP application, which can be used to make calls over internet from mobile to mobile and PC to PC. My friend lived in California and tomorrow I was trying to connect him via Skype installed on my newly bought Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD.


But I was unable to make a call to him via Skype which was a default version, installed on my Galaxy A7, the error which comes on my screen after I make sign in to my account says “Check Your Network Settings” I am totally confused after getting this message, this was the first time when I came to face this error first time in my life while connecting to Skype for making a call to my friend.


The error don’t explain about the solution, I stunned after getting this message and think about a second what’s wrong with my mobile which I recently opened from a box. The same account then I logged in on my windows PC, its working perfectly and I make a call of about 1 hour and 20 min to my friend in living in California.


Then is think about the issue and reach about that there might be some settings issue with by ISP connection settings working on my mobile. I changed the settings and then try again by the error of Skype network settings comes again.


I searched for the solution on the internet but found nothing helpful over this, then I personally implemented a tweak to my Skype installed on my Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD default version


Solution For Skype Network Settings Error

The simple solution which worked for me that I uninstalled the default version of Skype from my Samsung A7 mobile, and installed a latest application of Skype from the Google app store which was a latest version 5 for android mobiles by Skype. Now I came to know that there is nothing to do with my internet connection settings, which the error says that ‘Skype network settings’ are not adjusted to make this call. 

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