Learn to add Facebook Contact to Skype for Windows desktop or & Mac OS X is done

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If you want to add or import all or selective contacts from your Facebook friend-list to Skype, yes, Skype let you import your FB contacts to Skype so that you find batter, direct and easier way to interact with your friends, family and loving ones. All you need is to "Add contacts" to import all the Facebook contacts and uncheck those you don’t want to import.


However, you must meet minimum requirement to get your job done. Minimum requirement are as,


Minimum Requirement:

  • You Must have Computer or Laptop

  • Working Internet connection

  • Skype Account with username and password

  • Facebook Account with username and password

  • Facebook Contacts information (Friend-List)


How to import contacts from Facebook?

If you’ve fulfill the minimum requirements that are mentioned above, the half of the job to add Facebook contacts to your Skype account in Windows desktop or & Mac OS X is done.


Step by Step:

Sign in to Skype and Facebook with username and password

Now click “Contacts” and then “Import Contacts…” in Skype window from the drop down menu in the menu bar

Now type your Facebook username and password for verification and click “Import”

Finally, select "Add contacts" to import all the Facebook contacts

If you don’t want to import all the Facebook contacts to your Skype, just uncheck those you don’t want to import

That’s it!

Note: By following the procedure, all your Facebook contacts will be add to your Skype account, however, they’ll not appear unless they’ve accepted your request.


Enjoy making free video or audio calls and messages with chit chat when you see the online. It’s all about Skype!

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