How to Change or Edit Skype Username? Is it Possible?

Skype - United States (on March 04, 2015 05:22 AM)


Change Skype Username: Skype username is also known as Skype name. Skype name (username) is indifferent to Skype Display name. To change Skype username you must know the difference between Skype name and Skype display name.


Skype Username:

Skype name is a username which is decided by you when you are going to create your Skype account. It is associated with your email address. Whenever you want to sign in to your Skype account, you must have to provide your Skype username and password. No need to provide your email address as Skype username works for it.



Display Name:

However, display name is a name which is displayed to your Skype account when they get online, or conversing to your via audio video call or messages. You can change Skype display name whenever you want. It’s just easy to do so without losing anything on Skype


Change Skype Username:

However, you cannot change or edit Skype name (username) at any cost. Unfortunately, Skype does not provide any feature help you to change or edit username. The only way you can change Skype name or Skype username is by creating new Skype account. In this case, you may lose,

  • All the data in Skype, including Skype contacts

  • Video, audio or sent and receive messages history

  • Any subscription from Skype


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