REPORT: Sling TV Draws At Least 100,000 Sign-Ups In The First Month of Launch

News - (on March 09, 2015 06:18 AM)

sling TV draws atleast 100,000 Subscribers


Dish network launches its web-TV service to its U.S. customers last month with the name of Sling TV. Now report says that, about 100,000 users have been signed-up the service in the first month of launching to test the ‘$20 per month’ service.


Sling offered free trial for 1 week, after this know one exactly knows that how many people subscribe to the paid service of sling TV, but the comments of dish TV representative shows that the company gets a successful launching in the United states.


The company said that they are targeting about 100M people who use broadband but don’t use traditional TV. The number of customer using pay-TV stayed at a fixed figure from previous many years, which shows the market saturation point, now it may start to decline. In these conditions Sling TV is the step to give its parent company (Dish Network) a new source of revenue.


The price of basic package is $20/Month but you can also add some other channels which are bundled by the company for an additional cost of $5/Month which will be added to the basic cost of 20 per month.

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