CenturyLink: A Candidate To Acquire AT&T & Verizon Assets

News - (on March 10, 2015 12:24 PM)

CenturyLink A Candidate To Acquire AT&T & Verizon Assets


CenturyLink is a strong candidate to buy the assets which Verizon wants to sell off. Verizon wants to sell its DSL and FiOS assets, and it appears from the statement of CenturyLink’s CFO that the company is interested in buying these.


The CFO of CenturyLink Stewart Ewing gives a statement in a Media and Telecom Conference at Morgan Stanley Technology in a Media and Telecom Conference that;


‘The CenturyLink want to lurch in to the acquisitions, if these are in the best interest of company in long term strategy’.


Verizon & AT&T wants to leave the DSL business as early as possible, on the other side CenturyLink have the plans to get these opportunities if these fits into the long term plans of company to expand its service in the region.


The CFO of CenturyLink said that;


‘We are happy with assets we currently have, and we still keep looking on opportunities we have in past. We apparently have opportunity to look at things each year, but we have not pressed the trigger yet’.


Both companies i.e. AT&T & Verizon recently sell off entire Fixed-Line Network in states including Texas, Connecticut, California and Florida to Frontier. At the same side both companies have a handful of other markets ready to sale, both companies have plans to cut the fixed-line networks and invest in Wireless programs.

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