Customers Lose The Weather Channel: Verizon FiOS Substitutes It With AccuWeather Network

News - (on March 10, 2015 11:17 AM)

Verizon FiOS Drops Weather Channel


Verizon FiOS removes The Weather Channel from its list of channels recently when the agreement expires with the TWC Company. The sum-up of customer base to which this channel was streamed is about 5.65 million (approx.) which are using FiOS to access television over fiber optic. From today, now customer of Verizon FiOS can watch AccuWeather Network in place of TWC via FiOS TV WeatherBug.


The weather channel was placed on 49th place in the lineup, this news is sent to the FiOS customers by the company either via email or via set tops, the message which is delivered was as below.


“The agreement to carry ‘The Weather Channel’ and ‘Weather Scan’ is expired, and is not renewed. Now a day’s people not only access weather information from their TV but also from other sources like internet and Apps. Verizon is pleased to introduce ‘AccuWeather Network’ in place of TWC which is available on FiOS® TV on channel 119 or 619 and also on Mobile App”.


On the other side the TWC’s parent company says that, it was a surprising step taken by Verizon; we are in discussion with FiOS for a contract renewal. The conversation includes the activation of Weather Scan, also restoring availability of both channels at weather widget and streaming on mobile devices.


More over the representative also said the FiOS customers lost ‘best weather channel, its expertise which is only available on TWC, we urge customers to record their displeasure by contacting Verizon.


This is not the first time that TWC is dropped from the lineup, last year DirecTV dropped ‘The Weather Channel’ for 3 months, the reason behind was a price increase demanded by company, on the other side the satellite company wants a decrease in its costs.


But when the dispute solved the writhe was that; TWC chief apologized to DirecTV and its customers, for the break of services and for the campaign they started against DirecTV.


TWC is owned by NBCUniversal, Bain Capital and The BlackStone Group. There was an analysis that the TWC will be for sale at some point, but TWC chief said that; this is idea is just a rumor. We have a growing business, and our owners are happy with this. We have innovation, and the operators will have to make decisions on channels in the near future.

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