iCloud, iTunes & Apple App Store Are Down, While Experiencing Internal DNS Error

Apple - (on March 11, 2015 11:24 AM)

iCloud, iTunes & Apple App Store Are Down, While Experiencing Internal DNS Error


Trying to access iTunes, iCloud, iBooks or Mac app store and don’t get through it? This is not the case specific to you, Apple is experiencing outages to its services since today morning. The services are down due to an internal error, and according to official spokesman the company is trying to solve it out as soon as possible.


According to an estimate the company is facing a loss of around $2.2M (USD) each hour due to this DNS error. If you are going to browse the app store and see the site working while being able to browse through all the application of your choice, then click on the final ‘Purchase Button’ you will see the error which don’t let you to get that application.


In the official statement to CNBC, Apple spokesperson said that;


‘We apologize to customers for problems with services which they are experiencing on iTunes, Mac app store and all others. The cause of this problem was an internal DNS error, we are working to fix it and make our services available to you, we thank to our customers for patience’.


When you sign in to your Mac account, you will see the ‘Status Code Error’ message on the screen which prevents you to being sign in to your account, same is the case with Apple ID sign-in.


Similarly the App Store is also showing the error when you try to download, purchase or upgrade any application. The system breakdown was started at 5am EST, the affect of this outage also goes to iCloud sign in pages but that error is fixed at 9am by the company.


Keep trying to access these services, we also have kept an eye on it & will report you soon as the services get ready to use.

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