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If you’re MediaFire user, you can create your own account by visiting and registering there. You can sign up for plan namely free, professional, and business. You can sign up for any of these three plans in easy, simple and quick way by just providing your personal information, email address and setting up password.


By creating an account on MediaFire, you will be able to store, organize and share data with others. For example, if you sign up for FREE Basic plan, you will get 10GB of free secure online cloud storage. If it’s not enough for you, you can sign up for Professional plan that gives you 1000GB (1TB) online cloud storage in just $2.49/month.


However, if your business needs are getting out of control, you can sign up for Business account of 100TB capacity in just $24.99 only after getting 50 percent discount. Are you ready to sign up for leading website which provides free cloud storage services, founded in 2005? Let’s us start!


Note: The rates for plans given in this article are discount rates i.e. 50% off.


Minimum Requirements:

  • A PC or device that can be connected to internet

  • A Working internet connection

  • Your personal information such as name, email address etc.

Steps to Create an Account at MediaFire:

Turn your PC on and connect it with internet

Start your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Visit the Best Buy webpage link as and click the button “Sign up”

Select any of three plans i.e. Basic, Pro and Business

Provide your first name, last name, email address and set password

Check the status says, “I agree to the Terms of Service”

Fill the CAPTCHA and click the button “Create Account & Continue” given at bottom in light blue color

That’s it!

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