How do I Create Free Homepage at What are the Benefits?

Internet - (on April 14, 2015 11:43 AM), operated by lets your create a free home page at You can share trees, photos, files, and lists of your favorite Web sites with friends and family by creating free homepage at


Moreover, you can manage your family history “account” once you’ve found some connections to your ancestors. So what are you waiting for, let’s start building your very own homepage at to have a fun and good time with friends, families and loved ones.


Creating a free homepage at is very simple, easy and quick job. If you have a computer to similar machine (device) that can be connected to internet, all you need to turn the device on, access the working internet and visit the website Follow the following steps to get your work done.


How to Create a Free Homepage at

  1. Turn your PC on

  2. Start your favorite internet browser

  3. Visit the link

  4. Take your mouse to “MY GENEALOGY.COM” to open a drop down menu

  5. Select “My Home Page:” from the drop down menu

  6. Now click the link “Create Your Own FREE Home Page”

  7. Complete the registration form by providing the prompt information and click on “Continue”

  8. Title your homepage, describe it and click “Create Home Page Now”

  9. That’s it!

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