How do I Sign up For Windows Live ID to Access Microsoft Services

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Sign up for Windows Live ID for free to access Microsoft services such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox LIVE, a Windows Phone, or a Windows OS itself, because your cannot use to register any of the original Microsoft software, app, or game unless you have Windows Live account.


Microsoft is well known and world’s largest Corporation for Computer software, online services and video games founded by Bill Gates and Paul. There is not a place in this world where computers are not connected with any software, any online service and video games made by Microsoft. Even, the Operating system known as Windows is most used OS for PCs in the world and people are eagerly wait for news versions of MS OS, such as, Windows 8.1 is mostly used now a days as OS, however, people are shifting on Windows 9 and Windows 10 which are recently launched by Microsoft.


In short, if you want to use any OS, application or software of Microsoft, you must have Windows Live ID for Microsoft service, to register them online, to keep them up to date, and simply to use their original full versions. Moreover, to use Hotmail or Skype to chatting, audio and video conversation, you need Microsoft account as well.


How to Create Windows Live ID to Access Microsoft Services?

Signing up for Windows Live ID is not a big deal, instead an easy, simple and quick work to do. As you can use this ID as email service as well, therefore you ID is either created in or To create Windows Live ID, you must fulfill the following criteria.

  • A PC or Mobile with internet connection

  • An email address or Phone number


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Turn your machine on to connect it with internet

  2. After being connected to internet, open your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

  3. Now visit the website link

  4. Click “Sign Up Now” here

  5. Enter your First name, Last name, User name (, set password, reenter password, your Country/region, Birthdate, and Gender

  6. Now provide a Country code with your Phone number or email address you already have

  7. Finally enter the characters you see (CAPTCHA) and click a blue button “Create account

  8. That’s it!

Now you can login to your Windows Live account whenever you want with username and password. If you have any questions, you can ask in below comment box. Thanks!

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