How do I View MMS Online at Vodafone

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Are you using a mobile which does not supports MMS service? Don’t worry, if you’re Vodafone customer, you can view multimedia messages you’ve received on your mobile online. Vodafone provides its customers a service to view Multimedia Messages, or Picture Messages, even if these messages are in video format, you can view them online anytime from anywhere.


What more, you can also reply to those people online who have sent you these MMS messages. So, no worries of what type of mobile or device you have, even if it is not supportive to multimedia messages, i.e. you cannot view these MMS on your mobile, even then you have view them online at Vodafone website anytime from anywhere absolutely free with Get My Photo service.


Little Intro to Vodafone:

Vodafone Group plc is a British multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London and with its registered office in Newbury, Berkshire. It is the world's 2nd-largest mobile telecommunications company measured by both subscribers and 2013 revenues, and had 434 million subscribers as of 31 March 2014.

  • CEO: Vittorio Colao

  • Founded: September 16, 1991, Newbury, United Kingdom

  • Subsidiaries: ONO, Bharti Airtel, Kabel Deutschland, Vodafone UK, and More

  • Headquarters: Newbury, London, Greater London

  • Founders: Ernest Harrison, Gerry Whent


How to View MMS online at Vodafone Get My Photo?

If the message (MMS) you’ve received on your mobile is not displayed, no matter whatever the reason is, either there is a display issue in your mobile or your mobile is not supportive to display MMS, you can now open and view MMS if you’re Vodafone customer anytime online. You can also reply to those MMS. But how? Follow the following simple step by step guide, but wait! You will need to prepare the following before your start.


Minimum Requirements:

  • You must have a PC or similar device that could be used to access internet

  • You must have a working internet connection

  • You must be a Vodafone customer

  • You must have received a multimedia message in which there is a password


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Turn your device on to connect it with internet

  2. After being connected to internet, open your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

  3. Now visit the website link

  4. Provide your mobile phone number (Vodafone) and password which you have receive in MMS on your mobile you want to view, in related box and click the button “Login” to continue

  5. Follow the instructions to view the MMS and reply if you want

  6. That’s it!

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