Entry of Add Blocking Browser for Smartphone Unveiled

News - (on May 21, 2015 06:57 AM)



Developers of Adblock Plus ad-blocking browser extension have finally set Add blocking browser in up for smartphones, this Wednesday, 2015.


Adblock Plus, an extension for browsers working with desktop computers, is already being used to block ads in browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox since 2006. It is used by more of less 400 million downloaders since it is launched, but we’ve not seen something like this for mobile phones since smartphones are not made to support this kind of ad blocking extensions.


Developers of Adblock Plus ad-blocking browser extensions says “No worries” now, as they’ve dodge the ability to stop running ad blocking extensions of Smartphone by launching a browser itself. Yes, instead to taking headache to develop an ad blocking extensions for mobile browse, they’ve come up with solutions “to launch ad blocking mobile browser” to pick it up from roots.


However, this browser is available only for android phones; users of iOS based mobile phone must wait a while for new Adblock Browser in "Beta" preview mode.


Where at one end, these kinds of ad blocking stuff in annoyed for many investors, meanwhile on other end, "A complete Android browser app is a natural progression for us," Adblock Plus co-founder Till Faida said in a statement.


However, in Adblock view, this browser is not made to slow down digital businesses which depend on ad revenue, but to block “Annoying ads, such as pop-ups and pre-roll video ads,” as for other ads like those without animation or sound, those do not block a page's content, or those ads which are labeled clearly as ads will be allowed on this ad blocking browser as well.


Meanwhile, many of the mobile phone technologies also looking up to develop mobiles that do have inbuilt ability to block annoying ads, but, as every antivirus has to mess with newer versus, many advertisers also working to dig a solution against every problem they’ve to face. For example, Secret Media ‘A French company’ have already launched a software deal with ad blocking. Let us keep watching this cold war between ad-blockers and ad-vertisers!

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