Warning Over Growing Cyber Threats Worldwide

News - (on June 03, 2015 05:47 AM)

Growing Cyber Threats


Growing Cyber Threats

Rapid incidents of different hacking attempts combining succeeded or failed ones since last year, rising questions over the health of Cyber Security worldwide

We’ve seen numbers of hacking since last one or two years growing in exponential rate, whether these attacks are held by any group, individual or terrorist organizations. Numbers of America based insurance company’s public data has been compromised, including Blue Cross, Anthem and CareFirst.

Last year in June, Blue Cross insurance company admitted that more than 11 million of its customer’s data has been stolen by the unknown hackers. Anthem, previously known as WellPoint, which is the second largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, has to bear the pain of losing almost 80 million customer’s record in hacking attack. And recently, CareFirst insurance company has also admitted to be hacked, today; more than 1.1 million of its customer's information has been stolen.

Moreover, MSpy, that offers spying software to people, has also admitted hacking and data theft of thousands of its customers from dark-web just after a one day since company denied “had not been hacked and no data had been stolen.”


The story doesn’t ends here, a worldwide known terrorist group called Islamic State, often called ISIS/ISIL which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant, controlling territory in Iraq and Syria, with limited territorial control in Libya and Nigeria, has also admitted many of the Cyber-attacks throughout the last year. Hacking of the French TV station TV5 Monde which knocked off air for hours after a hack attack is well knowingly refer to the group.

Moreover, it also accused of hacking different American and European websites and social network pages including US TV stations and other news outlets around the world. "There's a lot of people that go to Syria fight for IS but another way to fight is to stay home and do it from there," said David Merkel, chief technology officer at FireEye.

"If you have an internet connection and have some skill levels you can definitely contribute."

According to a new report by Dell Security, cyber-attacks on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems doubled last year--and they’ve increased 600% since 2012.

So all these and similar these attack which are not even mentioned posing a greater threat over Cyber World where the nations are moving their everything towards internet. The hacker using Tor and other different tools to hide their identities and places and comparatively governments are failed to track all this what’s going on with some of the exceptional time taking cases such as the founder of Silk Road drug website, and known mastermind behind online drug marketing, Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison by a US federal judge on Friday, but, however, still a disputed case.

Will authorities be able to dig out solution for security of a new cyber world? Or we are going to lose all is a questions could only be answered by time.

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