Several Canadian Government Websites Hacked by Anonymous Hacking Group

News - (on June 18, 2015 02:55 AM)

Websites Went Dark After Being Hacked

Multiple Canadian official websites compromised by sophisticated Cyber-Attack, went dark for several hours, however, brought back online now

Tony Clement, a Member of Parliament and president of the Treasury Board has confirmed that several Canadian government websites went to dark after being hacked by so called Anonymous hacking group. Tony Clement is not sure about if any data is compromised or not, however, the websites has been re-onlined after several hours of government’s servers went out of control and access.

“I’ve just been through a briefing on it,” Clement said. “There has been an attack on Government of Canada servers.”

Some of the victim websites are said to be very sensitive like Canada's spy agency website, however, Clement is very hopeful to dig the roots of the launched area as authorities are working very hard “to restore services and to find out the origination of the attack," Mr Clement said.”

“If Canadians have any issues and are being denied access to a GC account, they should phone 1-800-O-Canada,” Clement advised.

Nevertheless, Anonymous Hacking Group took the responsibility in its recent video uploaded, and claim the reason of this common type of web attack that involves overloading a web server with too many requests.


The group says that the attacks are held in retaliation for the recently-passed anti-terrorism law by the House of Commons in May and by the Senate on 10 June, known as Bill C-51. In the video, none of the faces are shown; however, voice speaks and warns in different anonymous ways.

“We launched an attack against Canadian Senate and Government of Canada websites in protest against the recent passing of Bill C-51,” says the video’s narrator in voice.

“Bill C-51 targets minority groups and dissidents alike," the voice says. And it is against the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” according to the video uploaded.

This is not the first attack in its nature on Canadian officials. Last summer; Canada's National Research Council was hacked allegedly by Chinese hackers. The accusation was denied by the Chinese officials as expected. Moreover, it also shows some negligence and laziness as according to the IT department for the House of Commons, they were being “targeted by several cyber-attacks", CTV News reported.

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