Google to Launch Free Streaming Service ‘Play Music’

News - United States (on June 24, 2015 05:32 AM)

Google to Launch Free Streaming Service ‘Play Music’

Play Music Anywhere in America For Free

Google to beat Apple’s much-publicised new music service by releasing ‘Play Music’ – a free streaming service all over the United States

Yes, now you can enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere in America absolutely free without any extra hidden or subscription charges with Google ‘Play Music’ – a free streaming service. This free service will be available absolutely free of cost in United State, however, will be available in other parts of the world with the passage of time.

The service includes adverts similar to the Spotify model. Google’s Play Music will use Songza, which is referred to an internet radio app that Google bought a year ago.

By announcing Play Music, Google has beaten Apple with no doubt on its much-publicized new music service expected to be launched in 30th of June, this year in all over the America. As for the rest of the world, if Google keeps on doing the same, the time is not far away when Apple would have to think a twice to beat its rival.

This new version introduce by Google, unlike to the previous one ‘Google Play Music’, the users are not required to follow subscription.

In a blog post, Google product manager Elias Roman said: "Even if you're not already a Google Play Music subscriber, we've got you covered.


"Google Play Music now has a free, ad-supported version in the US, giving you a new way to find just the right music - and giving artists another way to earn revenue.

"The new free, ad-supported version of Google Play Music is launching first in the US. It's available on the web today, and is rolling out this week to Android and iOS."

However, no sign appeared from Google blog to launch the same free service outside the US, though the paid plan is now available in 52 countries. But not to worry about much of its rival, as, a famous Taylor Swift for stand on Apple by refusing to allow the company to stream her album 1989. Although Apple has announced that the service will be available free from first three month of its release date.

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