Apple Launches Online Radio Station Along with Apple Music Streaming

News - (on June 30, 2015 04:09 AM)


Apple’s Global Beats 1 Radio Station's First Impression Goes Wrong

Although Apple has finally came up with launching its online radio station ‘Beats 1’ along with its Apple music streaming service, the start seems not sounds good


Finally, on Tuesday, Apple has managed to launch its online radio station called ‘Beat 1’ along with its online Apple Music streaming service for its customer, but start was not good enough as Zane Lowe – who was presenting the first online show from Los Angeles – keeps on talking to if the sound is going on air, making test transmission really a “test.”


Here is what Apple’s Global Beats 1 Radio Station came up the start with:


"What about now? I’m ready when you are."

“You’re getting us?”

"I’m hearing you through one way.”

“Talk again please”


“Anything, Jason? Test, test."

“OK, say that again.”

“I’m lowering it. I’m turning on my own mic. I’m turning the hub program up and down.”



“Test, test, test, test, 37 minutes, test. How’s that?”

“Hello, hello, OK. Look at that, that’s crazy."



Zane Lowe is a New Zealand-born award winning radio DJ, Live DJ, record producer, and television presenter. If the Fans wanted to listen to him interviewing with the rapper Eminem, they must have to update their Apple products to operating system iOS 8.4.


Apple had launched update hour before the radio station was meant to begin broadcasting, something to appreciate at least. One of the fans tweeted,


“Just heard Zane Lowe on Beats 1 talking to his producer: "We're going to reset the desk…" Good start then.” Mic Wright on Twitter


Another says “Zane Lowe doesn't seem to realise he is live right now.” David Rosenberg on Twitter


Are you ready to listen to Lowe’s first big interview, a pre-recorded interview with the rapper Eminem tomorrow? Then don’t kill your time here and there, just be quick to update your iOS.

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