The Father of SMS Matti Makkonen Died

News - (on June 30, 2015 02:06 AM)

The Reluctant Father of SMS “We'll Miss You!”

Matti Makkonen, known as "Reluctant" the father of SMS, has died at the age 63 after in illness, "We'll miss you, Matti" says the cellphone world

Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen famously dreamed up the idea for the SMS (Short Message Service) in a Copenhagen pizza shop in 1984, and the first message "Happy Christmas" was sent to a Vodafone UK cellphone from a PC on December 3, 1992.

Although Matti Makkonen himself was always remained reluctant to get full credit of inventing the technology single-handedly and often said that it was "the result of a joint effort to collect ideas and write a specification," yet we cannot neglect the fact that he had helped to launch the worldwide sensation of texting.

He said on the 20th anniversary of the first text message while giving memorable SMS interview to BBC News in 2012, "The real launch of the service, as I see it, was when Nokia introduced the first phone that enabled easy writing of messages (Nokia 2010 in 1994)"

He was asked that he had been described as the “reluctant father of SMS” and it took a newspaper investigation to identify him, why he was so quiet about your achievement. Responding to the question in SMS he said.

“I did not consider sms as personal achievement but as result of joint effort to collect ideas and write the specifications of the services based on them.”

Answering to the “txtspk,” pioneer of texting tech said,

“No! My passion is to write correct language (Finnish), using all 160 characters.”

Mr. Matti Makkonen was pretty sure about the survival of SMS tech, despite the fact of Facebook, Skype and other instant messaging chat systems getting popularity, he said,

“I believe that reliable convenient to use text messaging will stay forever. Is not necessary what we call sms. No more pay per message.”

However, Matti Makkonen is one of the greatest lost the cellphone world has to bear with Jarmo Matilainen, managing director of Finnish telecoms group Finnet Association, express his feelings and said "It's very sad. He was just going to retire and he should have had many years ahead"

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