Do you Think Microsoft Edge will Going to Work out with Familiar Logo?

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Edge Logo Looks lot like Internet Explorer's old logo

Failure after failures, Microsoft realized to replace its IE browser with Edge, but apparently it looks familiar as per its logo, isn’t it?

Microsoft has to suffer and has to face criticism over its old browser allot, most probably first browser used by masses, Internet Explorer. Even by making radical changes, the logo and name made people sick so much that people even bother not to update new much advertised versions of IE.

In first, Microsoft tried hard to launch newer versions with its almost every new Operating System, that Microsoft killed much time to realize that people have decided not to use Internet Explorer ‘the old man’ against some famous browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc.

However, with the announcement of releasing it’s new, or most probably final Windows OS version, ‘Windows 10’ Microsoft announced to unveiled its new browser under "Project Spartan," namely the Edge.

When Edge was known as "Project Spartan," its logo looked something like the World Bank's logo crossed with Toyota's symbol as shown below.


But what happened next? The same "e" looking very similar and familiar with the “e” and the orbital rings around it, making people fool since 1996 (IE 3 was the first version to sport the logo) with its bugs, security problems and outdated technology.

Although Microsoft operating systems chief Joe Belfiore told us that Edge would have an "e" icon when unveiling Edge in April, saying it would have “a completely different and better meaning than it has for a while," but wait! We were not expecting that much similarity.

Hey Microsoft! Your edge might have improvements, such as it is noticeably trimmer than IE, without the sea of menu options and bells and whistles with a clean, modern look, similar to Google's Chrome, and simple straightforward settings, but logo this time looks would hinder people using it again.

But who knows the announcement of Edge may people evoke to try it a once. However, best of luck!

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