Robot Killed a Man at Volkswagen’s Production Plant

News - (on July 03, 2015 04:27 AM)


Roborts Start Murdering?

Is dawn of the planet of robot has started? A robot at one of the Volkswagen’s production plants in Germany, killed a 21 years old Contractor.

The victim constructer at the automaker plant was said to be assembling the robot for a new motor production line, who was not employee, faced lethal injuries when the stationary robot grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate at the plant in Baunatal.

According to experts it was an accident, not a deliberate attempt by robot, because robot was programed to grab auto parts and manipulate them. It operates in a restricted area of the plant, and workers were standing in the outer area, however, the victim young man was the only person such a close to robot. However, man suffered a blow to the chest area and died in hospital.

“Earlier this week a 22-year-old contractor was injured while installing some machinery in the Kassel factory,” Volkswagen said in a statement.

“He died later in hospital from his injuries and our thoughts are with his family.

“We are if course carrying out a thorough investigation into the incident and cannot comment further at this time.”

Initial investigation indicates that it was just an accident, and human error was to blame, not the robot or how it was programed. There was another working with the victim who observed everything but declined to give details about the case.

However, one may call it accident or programing fault, this particular robot does not have good historical record. Robots have caused at least 26 workplace deaths in the US alone in the past 30 years, according to government data.

“We have begun an investigation to find out exactly what happened and to determine whether anybody was at fault,” said Dr Götz Wied, a spokesman.

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