Thousands of Apple Macbook Damaged Screens Reported

News - (on July 10, 2015 07:45 AM)

macbook screen damage


Fault at Manufacturing or User End?

Imagine you brought a brand new Apple Macbook, and when you switch it on, you see nothing but "horrific stains" spreading across screens, in the forms of spots and patches!

Yes, that’s what happened with thousands of Apple Macbook owners, and getting angry and eager to start a campaign against for action over reported Macbook screen issue, with no satisfactory response from Apple.

Phi Chong, a software engineer, told one of the British based media channel that he has had to replace his screen twice in the last two years. He added that he had been told Apple would not carry out further screen repairs.

"My last screen replacement had its anti-reflective coating start peeling off within a month," said Phi Chong.

"I'm worried it will start peeling again after my AppleCare has expired."

According to Apple the issue is very rare and not much common. Apple recommended to contact its Apple support center for more support. However, customers are not satisfied enough as they will have to face expensive service fees.



"Customers who experience problems with their Apple products should contact AppleCare," a spokesperson.

According to AJ Forsythe, founder and chief executive of the Silicon Valley-based screen repair firm iCracked, the issue is not mainly with manufacturing but carelessness of users. However, He still not posing anything on any individual customer, but says it’s hard to build a machine that suites millions.

"We generally see that when people buy a $2,000 computer or a £700 iPad they take really good care of it for the first couple of months and then it becomes an extension of their lives," he said.

"It's not necessarily the user's fault... but it's incredibly hard to build a product that can withstand millions of real-world usages.

There is no confirmation or denial from Apple side observe if the fault is with the screens, at manufacturing side or the at the user side. However, AJ Forsythe would "be interested to see what happens on the manufacturer's side."

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