Ashley Madison User Data Breach

News - (on August 20, 2015 02:07 AM)


Hackers Have Released 10 GB of Data Stolen from Ashley Madison

Unknown hackers sophistically breach data of personal accounts registered on Ashley Madison – a website known as a dating website for married people

According to reports, hackers have released up to 10 GB of data from Ashley Madison’s website, via dark web, which includes personal information of million accounts. Reports suggest that the hackers have managed to personal information of 33 million accounts registered at Ashley Madison website.

Most of the security experts believe that the breach is genuine. According to those who have investigated the issue, the data includes users' names, addresses, phone numbers, encrypted passwords, and 36 million email addresses of registered users as well.

In addition, that breach also includes over 15,000 governments or military email addresses who were registered at Ashley Madison. However, most of official have denied if they have had any registration at Ashley Madison.

Moreover, the breach also includes credit card details and information. According to a Norwegian security expert, Per Thorsheim, he has found some identifiable details of credit cards in breached data. Although, credit card data is not fully available like expiry date and three-digit security code, but in unencrypted form, yet he is “surprised that they have transaction history going back in time by so many years and that no encryption has been used" in hacked data.

Good to know that the password were in bcrypt form – one of the latest encrypted form – however, could be decoded, but required much time.

Security expert Mr Graham Cluley has published a blog in which he warns, "It's easy to imagine that some people might be vulnerable to blackmail, if they don't want details of their membership or sexual proclivities to become public.

"Others might find the thought that their membership of the site - even if they never met anyone in real life, and never had an affair - too much to bear, and there could be genuine casualties as a result."

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