LinkedIn Paying $13 Million To Users For Excessive Reminder Emails

News - (on October 06, 2015 10:22 AM)

LinkedIn Paying $13 Million To Users For Excessive Reminder Emails


                   Court Opinion for Perkins v. Linkedin Corp

LinkedIn $13 Million Apology For Aggressive Reminder Emails in Add Connections


LinkedIn finally got locked in a decision for a class action lawsuit to pay $13 million to its customers. the case was filed in 2013 in which LinkedIn was alleged for improper use of 'Add Connections' to increase the user relationship with site and to grow number of users.



"The Action challenges LinkedIn’s use of a service called Add Connections to grow its member base.  Add Connections allows LinkedIn members to import contacts from their external email accounts and email connection invitations to one or more of those contacts inviting them to connect on LinkedIn". 


"If a connection invitation is not accepted within a certain period of time, up to two “reminder emails” are sent reminding the recipient that the connection invitation is pending.  The Court found that members consented to importing their contacts and sending the connection invitation, but did not find that members consented to LinkedIn sending the two reminder emails". (As explained in



Now, today company announces to issue a $13 million apology for customers who signed up LinkedIn between September 17, 2011 and till October 31, 2014 and also used the 'Add Connections' feature. The amount will be paid to users who are approved for that, after the approval if the per person amount goes less than $10 then the company will add extra $750,000 to raise the amount more than $10.


If you find yourself as an eligible person and account holder than you should go for Add Connections Settlement Site to file a claim, the due date is December 14, 2015 before which you have to file your claim.



Now your friends will only get 2 reminder emails, and you will also receive a disclosure that you are bugging your friend. In a few months an option will be made available to users, for cancelling the reminder emails for invitations.

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