Reddit Plans to Unveil Stand-Alone News Site ‘Upvoted’

News - United States (on October 06, 2015 08:25 AM)

Reddit Plans to Unveil Stand-Alone News Site 'Upvoted'


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Most famous social communities ‘Reddit’ may be about launch its own standalone news website called ‘Upvoted’ – Reports


As according to some reports spreading like wild fire, ‘Upvoted’ is going to be launched by Reddit, as a stand-alone news website, the Company seems to plan to produce stories from content posted on the parent site, including the content approved by advertisers, and paid for as well - According to Wired.


‘Upvoted’ is a word refers to the way Reddit users show approval of posts on parent website i.e. According to some analyst, if the reports are true, then it clearly indicates that firm is eagerly finding its way to make money from its audience more than ever before.


Thomas Caldecott, who works on the media team at Enders Analysis, gives interview to a private news channel says, "heavily skewed towards 18-24-year-old males". He added that the "uncontrolled nature of its user generated content-centric forums have made it a risky environment for brands."


As Wired also says, “So, like any Silicon Valley tech outfit, Reddit is trying something new. Tomorrow the company is launching a standalone news site, Upvoted, to capitalize on what it does best: surfacing interesting stuff from the Internet. Except for Upvoted, the interesting stuff will come from Reddit itself.”


According to Wired, the new expected site looks very much sister to any famous and traditional website that would be covering “stories, infographics, illustrations, videos, and podcasts” including domains like “articles on news, sports, animals, and lifestyle.”


Let us hope the best to new baby ‘Upvoted’ by Reddit, if it will be proved good child for  one of the most famous social communities and aggregation site.

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