Verizon Customers to See Higher Price on their Bills from Nov. 15

News - United States (on October 09, 2015 12:20 PM)

Verizon Customers to See Higher Price on their Bills


Verizon to Charge 66% More on its Unlimited Data Plans

Subsidiary of an American broadband ‘Verizon Wireless’ has announced on Thursday that it will raise the price of some of its unlimited data plans to more than 66 percent


Country's largest cellular provider, Verizon Wireless, said of Thursday that it will increase the prices it charges on its most of unlimited data plans from $29.99 a month to $49.99 a month, which is more than 66% rise in prices, and surely be shocking for its regular customers. The statement also includes that the customers are to see that drastic higher price on their bills from 15 November 2015.


Verizon is not standing alone to increase the prices it charges, Sprint has already announced that it will increase the price of its unlimited data plan that includes no restrictions on data use, talk minutes or texts from existing $60 a month $70 a month on Oct. 16. However, according to Verizon officials, the sudden increase in prices will not affect most of its customers, as Chuck Hamby, a Verizon spokesperson says,


"Some of those folks in the 1 percent that are on unlimited plans, they could save money if they switched to one of the new Verizon plans, based on their usage," and this is to be done in order to maintain a high-quality network, as traditional text and voice services are not worthy to be taken in care.


According to some analysts, these are some of the tactics adopted by Wireless carriers to force its customers adopt more mobile data, and to switch to more lucrative metered data plans. As Verizon has already tried to slow down the Internet speed of some of its unlimited data customers to manage periods of high demand, which is later shut downed by federal regulators.

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