US Calls for Drone Registry to Prevent Bad Use

News - United States (on October 19, 2015 11:56 AM)

US Calls for Drone Registry to Prevent Bad Use


Would the Register Seek to Improve Accountability?

Government of United States urgently calls for drone registration to be followed by owner of the machine to prevent its bad use, announced on Monday by U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.


According to the announcement of U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx on the behalf of Obama administration, every drone along with its owner is required to be registered by the due date of Nov. 20 – on the urgent bases. He also created a task force of private sector and government representatives to craft recommendations for establishing the first ever federal drone registry.


The urgent action has been taken in account in order to prevent drone bad use, especially after several reported incidents of drones disturbing emergency services' efforts in fighting fires and other dangers, like creating issue is public places and violating privacies. Because it has frequently be seen that unauthorized drones making disturbance near airports and crowded public venues.


Another reason for urgency is because government expects that on the eve of Christmas, more than 1 million new drones could be sold out or given as gifts to new untrained operators, which would make the registry process more difficult and time taking.


"The signal we're sending today is that when you enter the national air space, it's a very serious matter," Foxx said. He further added, "We feel the level of urgency here is sufficient for us to move as quickly as we possibly can,"


"Registering unmanned aircraft will help build a culture of accountability and responsibility, especially with new users who have no experience operating in the U.S. aviation system. It will help protect public safety in the air and on the ground."


However, the question is that, will this registry process and data recording minimize the bad use of drone is public, private and sensitive areas? NPPA lawyer Mickey Osterreicher told one of the private news agencies,


"The fact is that for the most part, when there are sightings, they don't actually get to recover the drone itself"


"So what would registering the drone accomplish?"



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