"I'm very sorry for all the frustration" TalkTalk Boss on Cyber-Attack

News - (on October 23, 2015 07:12 AM)



Your Bank Information at Risk

The head of TalkTalk says “sorry” after the cyber-attack, which has caused breaching the data of nearly 4 million customers.


British broadband provider TalkTalk has been hacked for the third time, in which it is estimated that personal and bank account information of its nearly 4 million customers have been stolen by hackers. However, Chief executive Dido Harding says that she is "very sorry for all the frustration."


Along with some personal data, a major part of sensitive data is also expected to be stolen such as information about customers’ bank and credit card details.


"I'm very sorry for all the frustration, worry and concern this will inevitably be causing all of our customers," Ms Harding.


The Company has been trying to contact all of its customers from the very moment the attack has been notices, to guide their how to handle the situation let customers keep their personal and account information safe.


"We have been working through the night to make sure that we contact all of our customers and can reassure them about how they can keep their data safe."


It's not clear who is behind the hack yet, but a group claiming to be a Russian jihadist cyber-terrorist group is claiming responsibility.


According to the Company, there was a chance that some of the data such as customers' name, address, date of birth, email addresses, telephone numbers, Talk Talk account information, credit card and bank details might have been stolen and accessed by hackers. However, in the statement, the Company is not very sure of its all 4 million customers' data have been breached or not.


However, according to Ms Harding, it is not possible for Company to inform precautions and security measures only from call or email, everyone should not down some of the measures, such as:

  • Report any unusual activity on your accounts to your bank.

  • Change your account password as soon as the website is back up and running.

  • TalkTalk will not call or email customers asking for bank details.


For more details, you can directly contact to TalkTalk customer care representative on store, or by call.



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