Launch of Windows 10 Creator Update Unveils Awesome Features

Internet - (on April 12, 2017 08:40 AM)

Microsoft is releasing windows 10 creator update on 11th April, 2017. The main aim of the release to enhance the working experience of windows OS. Mainly to compete with other operating system like Linux and chrome OS. The aim of Microsoft is not only increase app production but instead they are working to provide boosted facilities.


Looking to Features of Windows 10 Creator Update

Windows 10 creator update has great features and it ready to release out. But mostly people are thinking what is it? Don’t worry if you don’t know because will tell some features of this update. Following are some features of windows 10 creator update.


3D Painting and Enabling Mixed Reality

First time we can make 3D paintings and drawings. The app is available after windows 10 creator update named as paint 3D which is surely taking graphics to next level.



Enhanced Gaming and Graphics Experience

Microsoft is providing enhanced gaming experience by simple method. Microsoft is reducing the resources consumption of on hanging tabs and giving the advantage of CPU and GPU to Xbox. Moreover, it is providing beam streaming which is great to play games with your friend. But the fact is that you have to enable game mode time by time.


Night Light Control

This update is also providing to control night light so the unnecessary light would not harm your eyes. You can also decrease blue light in sunlight.


Bluetooth locking

Just connect some device like smart phone with your laptop. When you are not using laptop and your phone is away from it. Then it will automatically lock down the laptop with windows 10.


Giving the Edgy experience on Microsoft Edge

In the windows 10 creator update providing superior experience but take the tab away if you are heavy user of tabs. It also provides the facility to over view the tabs on the top of screen

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