Google Chrome will Automatically Download Articles for Offline Reading

Google - (on June 23, 2018 01:44 AM)

Google Chrome will automatically download articles for the user for offline reading. This new feature of Google Chrome is currently available in over 100 countries. With this feature Chrome for Android will automatically download articles when you are connected to WiFi and you can read those articles offline. This feature will work automatically – and even if you haven't enabled this feature.


This feature was officially announced on Thursday on Google India Blog. The list of 100 countries does not include major countries like UK OR USA and Google have not given any words for those countries. This feature is available in countries like India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, and others. Chrome will automatically download the content based on your location and will download the most popular content in your location. 


Google Chrome will automatically download articles


If you have signed-in to Chrome then it will also download content which is relevant to your interest, based on your browsing. This content can then be viewed offline even if you don't have any data or WiFi connection. If you don't have this feature on your Chrome App, then you must have to update your Chrome APK from Google Play Store.


Basic aim behind this feature is that Google wants the web accessible for everyone and everywhere. Google has launched a number of a feature from building offline capabilities to automatic data saver for the sake of just improving web accessibility.


Limited connectivity or Spotty connectivity restricts the access of users to latest news, event or simple information. That's why Google is re-building the whole concept so that, limited connectivity cannot stop users from accessing their favorite content. 


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