People Reporting Google Pixel 3 Removing Photos from Phone

News - (on October 20, 2018 01:25 AM)

Google Pixel 3 users are reporting on various platforms including Google Forums that mobile is not saving photos after using cameras. Here we are presenting some issues from different sources just for reference purpose only to gauge the severity of the problem;


  • My Pixel 3 is not saving photos after the camera capture the picture.
  • The same issue is also reported on the Google Pixel and Pixel 2XL phones.
  • Still, Google hasn't given any explanation and there is no confirmation what's happening.


A Pixel 3 user reports; Right after capturing a picture from the camera a thumbnail appears at the side of the camera screen. When you tap on the thumbnail the gallery opens and Google Photos app doesn't show-up the image thus its clear phone is not saving the picture. When you return to the camera app, now the thumbnail also disappears from the screen.


Google Pixel 3 Removing Photos from Phone


Apparently, the problem is reported since Google introduced Pixel phones while affecting Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also. A user on Google's forum reports that the issue occurs twice a month. While another person says that Pixel 2 XL experiences the issue after every 20 photos taken from the phone.


However, from the reports, it is not clear that the issue is widespread rather to all android phones or just moving around Google Pixel. Although there are some other minor reports about other devices but that is not enough evidence to say anything. Just for the information that a commentator on Android Authority's post reports that same issue has happened with Samsung Galaxy S8. Furthermore, he added that the Google Camera App isn't available on the phone, however, this clarifies that both issues are unlikely to be related.


Google didn't respond up to now on this issue. So, we have no comments from the officials yet, hoping soon we will back here to update the users if anything comes from Google.



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RichardWebster on December 21, 2018 03:01 AM

It's not clear whether the photo saving issue is confined to Google's Pixel phones, or if it's an increase across the board Android issue. One analyst on Android Authority's post. The Google Camera application isn't accessible on Galaxy phones, so it's unlikely it's the culprit.