WhatsApp "Forward Preview" Feature is Now in Beta for Android

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WhatsApp a popular chat service now working on Forward Preview feature and will be soon available to users. This feature not only allows the users to get a preview of the messages they are sending to contact list but also gives some other options. Users will able to privately reply to a specific person during sending forward messages to several contacts.


Recent features of WhatsApp includes Vacation Mode which is the perfect choice for people not wanting to get disturbed during vacation. With "WhatsApp Forward Preview" feature the users will be able to see a 'Preview of Message' before sending the message to a contact list. No matter the message is either a GIF, Text or Video this feature will ask your confirmation before sending it.


whatsapp forward preview feature


WhatsApp Beta on Twitter announces that the feature is coming soon to the consumers and currently is in beta mode. The beta version of WhatsApp is 2.18.325 and it is for testing all the possible downfalls before making it available to the users. Furthermore, this feature is only available when you send the message to 2 or more contacts. WhatsApp said that the feature will be available in near future. However, it is possible that you are on the beta version and still not getting the feature because it is not available for every person using that version.



Besides to that WhatsApp is also testing a new feature which is called 'Private Reply' with which you can send a separate message to a specific person in the group. The other people in the group will not get any type of notification or hint that you are privately chatting with another person of this group. This feature is also available in the same Beta version as we describe above.


To use Private Reply feature hold the message of a person and tap on the three-dotted menu from the upper right corner of the app. Here you will see the 'Private Reply' option right after selecting the message now tap on this option. You can now chat with that person in separate window in the form of reply thread.


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