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    The answer, just like the new plan, is complicated. CNET breaks it down for you

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WhatsApp "Forward Preview" Feature is Now in Beta for Android

WhatsApp a popular chat service now working on Forward Preview feature and will be soon available to users. This feature not only allows the users to get a preview of the messages they are sending to contact list but also gives some other options. Users will able to privately reply to a specific person during sending forward messages to several contacts.

AzCIS Login to Access Arizona Career Information System

Guidance Page - United States

AzCIS Login allows you to access the Arizona Career Information System which helps the nation to plan for career and provide all the related information. Intocareer.org hosts the whole system and provides all the related tools and information which is required by a student or parent. AzCIS is basically a platform where you can acquire any type of knowledge about education and can easily plan your career.

People Reporting Google Pixel 3 Removing Photos from Phone

Google Pixel 3 users are reporting on various platforms including Google Forums that mobile is not saving photos after using cameras. Here we are presenting some issues from different sources just for reference purpose only to gauge the severity of the problem;

Alibaba is over to CEO Zhang, Jack Ma is about to step down in one year

BEIJING- Jack Ma, the fascinating co-founder of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd which is China’s largest E-commerce firm will step down from his chairman post in one year due to his interest towards education and philanthropy and pass his position to the trusted Lieutenant Deniel Zhang.

Google Chrome will Automatically Download Articles for Offline Reading

Google Chrome will automatically download articles for the user for offline reading. This new feature of Google Chrome is currently available in over 100 countries. With this feature Chrome for Android will automatically download articles when you are connected to WiFi and you can read those articles offline.

How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone or iPad

One can easily download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad by using a simple trick which we discuss here. Now watch videos offline while you are on the Go or anywhere else where videos are not available. There is no download option for audiences in the YouTube interface that's why you have to use other platforms and apps to make this happen.

Now Buy movie tickets with Google Assistant

News - United States

Recently, Google introduces a feature where consumers can buy movie tickets with Google Assistant. This feature has come up after a partnership with Fandango to use this feature, say 'buy tickets' or you can say 'Hey Google, get me tickets for...' replace the dots with film name.

How to Make Gap Credit Card Payment With Login | Synchrony Credit

Gap Credit Card Payment can be submitted via a number of available options from GAP. People prefer to use the Gap Credit Card login to pay the bills online. The payments which are made before the due date will bring some benefits and rewards for the owner of the card. While the payments after the due date will bring you extra cost including late payment fee, extra interest cost high APR etc.

Google New Launch of Family Link ParentalControl Service in Canada

In our fast-paced lives where everything is revolutionized, it’s no wonder that we’re becoming more and more dependent upon technology. Now-a-days, from a little kid to a grown up, everyone has the access to the entire world through smartphones. On one hand, where it is a convenience, it has also brought many problems with it. The wrong use of phones and internet can be destructive beyond repair.

Gmail Mail Account Complete Info guide for Gmail New Consumer

In this article, you will know how to delete Gmail account from your android smartphone or from your MAC tablet. Everyone likes to make the Gmail account to connect with the people. Gmail provides a lot of features to its user to explore new things. It is considered as the most secure web across the globe.

Top 5 Web Listing in 2018

As we all know that this is a modern era of internet and technology. Everyone in this world has less time and more work to do especially the business people. In previous years, people went to different places and countries for the establishment and famous of their companies.

How to Clear Cookies in Every Major Browser

There are many questions raised in our minds when we listened to the word “Cookie”. What type of cookie is it? For sure it is not that eatable cookie. In computer’s wording cookie is a small file.

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