How to Activate iPhone or iPad DFU mode

Apple - United States (on March 21, 2017 09:01 AM)

To troubleshoot your iOS device you can use iPhone DFU mode. The device firmware update is the last thing one can do on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad models. Recovery mode and DFU mode are both different things, we here will guide you about the process with these details.


How to Activate  DFU Mode on iPhone or iPad


  • Connect your iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone) with your Windows PC. Your PC must have the latest version of iTunes.
  • Turn-off your iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad and then press the 'Power Button' for 3 seconds.
  • After 3-Seconds you have to now press the 'Home Button' along with the power key for more 5-seconds.
Note: If there is a 'Plug into iTunes' screen, then you have to restart the process again.


How to Activate iPhone or iPad DFU mode

  • However, if the screen goes to black color. Then you have perfectly done the thing final.
  • Now, there is a notification on your PC that 'iTunes has detected your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad'


How to Activate iPhone 7 DFU Mode

The method with which you can activate the iPhone 7 DFU mode is a bit change. Because it do not have a Home button on the body.


  • Plug your iPhone 7 to your PC with the latest version of iTunes running on it.
  • Turn-off your iPhone 7 and then press the 'Power' button for 3-seconds. Now press the 'down-volume' button along with the power button for 10 more seconds.
Note: If the Apple logo appears on the screen, then you have to release the key and restart the whole process again.


Activate iPhone 7 DFU mode

  • If the screen goes to black, then the iPhone 7 is in the DFU mode.




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