Top 3 Alternatives to Facebook App for Android

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Why should you have to use alternatives to Facebook app when there is already an official Facebook app, this is the basic question may rise in your mind!


The answer the very straight and simple, by God the Facebook app terrible! It has really a dump and dull features that has zero excitement intended in it. There for I want to introduce 5 alternatives apps to Facebook app to make you FB life more crazy then ever!  So look at best three apps for Facebook which I findout really the best.


Fast for Facebook App

Fast for Facebook app is my first choice for Facebook in Android. One of the specialties of Fast for Facebook app is its low consumption ability of battery, that is why it is also very feasible and suitable for less powerful Android device. It also helps you to view videos from YouTube and Facebook directly, with the various options of deep user interface customization. So you can frankly say that Fast for Facebook app has made to choose a design layout upon installing, rather than having one thrust upon you! However, some problems you may face when trying to display hi-resolution images!


Fast for Facebook - screenshot


Click Here to Download the Fast for Facebook App


Cover artFriendcaster App

Friendcaster App may be a little too similar to Facebook's own app, but looks remarkably smarter with stylish look, with modern buttons and design which doesn’t take much getting used to. You can find in it all the normal and standard functions of Facebook’s own app with beautiful extra features. Friendcaster App’s swiping implementation has no match. So when are you Swiping through your photo galleries or your friends’ photo galleries with slideshow view?


Friendcaster - screenshot


Click Here to Download the Friendcaster App


Seesmic (For Facebook and Twitter both)

Seesmic is a quick player to download and install, not takes more than seconds to complete, made for Facebook and Twitter both. By just ignoring the cartoon on the top, Seesmic looks really professional business-like. Regarding speeding up purpose, Seesmic shows posted pictures in small size, and just click or push behind to see clearly.


androidpit facebook app alternatives three


However, if you are the exact opposite of a normal Facebook user, I’m damn sure you will not mind your own page showed to you without profile picture or banner! As Seesmic is more content oriented then to just show juicy picture without the meaning of the poster.


So what are your waiting for, just Click Here to Download the Seesmic App

Alternatives To Facebook App

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Gabbar Singh
Gabbar Singh on December 16, 2017 02:04 AM

This information is so amazing and please keep posting like this. I have many doubts before read this but this time all is clear.
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