How to Load Android Apps on Blackberry Playbook

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BlackBerry PlayBook is typical BlackBerry tablet with like always its own operating system, but you’re not bound to use only its built in OS as Blackberry Playbook allows you to side-load other Operating Systems on this latest BB Tablet PC.


As Androids are getting popular in market nothing like any other OS, you can also side-load Android apps on Blackberry Playbook by just following some simple but technical steps. Following we are giving step by step guide how you can run Android applications on Blackberry Playbook with its own manager which can give you an instant access to lots exiting of Android apps.

Follow the following Steps to Install and load Android Apps on Blackberry Playbook!

Connect to the internet and open your browser.

Search “Download DDPB Installer” to install DDPB Installer which will allow you to connect with you blackberry playbook and install apps on it.

Now download apps of your choice in .bar extension, by just searching the name of your desired App typing .bar. in order you need not to convert .apk files to .bar.

In Blackberry Playbook tablet, go to settings.

Enter the security and privacy if prompt.

Turn on the development mode.

Connect your Blackberry Playbook Tablet to your PC through USB cable.

Now start DDPB Installer and link tablet by clicking Scan button.

Add files of your favorite apps you have already downloading in .bar.

Click install to get it side loaded.

Wait until it notifies you about successful installation.

Disconnect Blackberry Playbook from your PC and enjoy the apps.

Some android app may take time to be installed in your Blackberry Playbook, so wait for their installation and don’t worry, don’t lost your nerves to restart you tablet etc. We wish your question may be answered, if not, or want to have more details, please ask.

Android Apps For Blackberry Playbook

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