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How to Setup Macbook Desktop Backgrounds

Change the Macbook desktop backgrounds with these steps if you don't like the existing one. everyone have his/her liking and disliking and taste for the backgrounds. Some like the nature wallpapers while on the other hand some people like the personal photograph of family or any other thing. So, MacBook backgrounds or

How to Activate iPhone or iPad DFU mode

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To troubleshoot your iOS device you can use iPhone DFU mode. The device firmware update is the last thing one can do on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad models. Recovery mode and DFU mode are both different things, we here will guide you about the process with these details.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone

There may be a need to lock apps on iPhone if you don't want anyone to access those apps. For this need here we are writing up a post covering the topic for how to lock apps on iPhone. The reason behind locking the iPhone app may be personal or may be you don't want your child to access those things. Whatever the

Capital One 360 Login Page – Sign in

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You can promote your knowledge about Capital one 360 login and logout by viewing our image galleries of Capital one 360 login with their respective reading points. Only use your personal machines to save the password of your Capital one 360 account, in addition to this you can customize the settings of your Capital one 360 account

Enjoy Live Streaming with ‘Showtime Anytime’ on Apple TV

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Enjoy your weekends with live streaming offered by Showtime Anytime offer now on Apple TV. With Showtime Anytime, have a fun with live TV streaming anytime on your iPhone and iPad. You can not only watch your favorite on-demand movies and TV series from Showtime, but Anytime also brings you live TV.

Ski Challenge 14 Game Download Free via Android Apps on Google Play

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In popular snowboarding games world, play Crazy Ski Challenge 14 with little suspense, action and thrills, available on Android free download at Google Play.

Apple Sold 60 Million iPhones in First 3 Months of 2015

According to Apple Inc. the company has got the profit of almost 13.6 billion dollars within the first three months of 2015 by selling out 61.1 million iPhones worldwide.

iCloud, iTunes & Apple App Store Are Down, While Experiencing Internal DNS Error

Trying to access iTunes, iCloud, iBooks or Mac app store and don’t get through it? This is not the case specific to you, Apple is experiencing outages to its services since today morning. The services are down due to an internal error, and according to official spokesman the company is trying to solve it out as soon as possible. According to an estimate

6 Steps To Setup ATT Yahoo Email On Mac OSX - A Mail Client By Apple

To setup your ATT Yahoo! email on Mac OSX mail client, read and follow the steps written below. Setting up Mac OSX for AT&T yahoo email is an easy process; it’s just a game of few steps, which we try to comprehend in as easy as possible format.

5 Steps To Setup Mac/Apple Mail 4.0+ For AT&T Yahoo! Email Account

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Click on preferences from the Mail menu. A new window will open, from here click on the ‘+ Sign’ from the left bottom corner, to add the new AT&T account in the Apple Mail 4.0­­+. At the Add account screen, enter your Name in the name field,

Why Android needs Apple?

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As we were closely looking at how Apple needs Android, but it would be surprising for you that now we’re going to discuss why Android needs Apples, isn’t it strange?