AT&T Go Phone Activation – Activate Your GoPhone SIM With ATT GoPhone® Support

AT&T - (on March 28, 2016 04:49 AM)

 Activate Your GoPhone SIM With ATT GoPhone® Support


Read the full step by step guide for AT&T Go Phone activation which is a prepaid phone service by AT&T named as GoPhone. To activate your gophone follow the steps written below but first of all you have to perform some initial steps.

  1. Insert your GoPhone SIM in to your mobile

  2. Fully charge your Phone

  3. Now choose a GoPhone Plan according to your suitability


General Activation Tips

  • Turn off your phone for 10 minutes, after the activation process is completed. Then turn on it and complete the finishing process.

  • The IMEI number is required in the process, you can find it on the box of the handset.

  • If you don’t have the box, then you can get IMEI by entering this code on your mobile. *#06#

  • The code will be of 15-digit; ignore any spaces or any dashes

  • You can also find the IMEI number written on the back of your mobile when you remove the battery of the mobile.

  • Your SIM Card Number is written on the plastic card at which the SIM is attached. Also known as SIM jacket

  • Your Phone number will always starts with 89



GoPhone® Activation Step-by-Step Guidelines


There are 5 different methods to activate your GoPhone with AT&T GoPhone support. You can follow any one of them to each one is easy to follow and is designed carefully to fulfill the user friendly standards.



Activate GoPhone Over Helpline

You can activate your Go Phone over the helpline, just call over the helpline 877-426-0525 and follow the instruction over it. The helpline is automated and you just have to follow the instructions, the whole process of activation will take up to 10 minutes.


You have to recharge your account within 26 days of GoPhone activation otherwise your account will be dismissed and you will lose your phone number



Activate From Your GoPhone

You can activate your GoPhone SIM from your go phone, your phone will help you in this regards. Turn on your phone, the device will automatically prompts to start the activation process. Accept this prompt and follow the steps written below.


  • Choose a rate-plan from the available options in Quick Start Guide from the screen of your phone, now enter the activation code related to your rate plan and the ZIP Code of area where you have to use this service.

  • Now dial the Send key, as a result you will receive a text message, from here you can find your new phone number and also it will say you to switch off your phone for 10 minutes to configure your phone and finish the activation process.

  • After this time, turn-on your device and add some money to your account.


Activate GoPhone® SIM Online

If you are using a Tablet or a PC then you should use this method. This method will involve the use of the official website to activate your SIM, no Risks just bit sharpness is required.


Activate a Phone click on this page, enter your GoPhone SIM card number starting with 89-digits. The SIM number is written on the right bottom corner of the SIM jacket.



Activating a Tablet Or Mobile Hotspot with GoPhone Online

An online system has been built to help the customers for activation of the GoPhones online on the official website of AT&T.

Click Here to move to the Online Activation Page



Activation For a Replaced Device

If you have replaced your old device, and you have the GoPhone account then there is no need to activate your account in the new device. Just place the SIM card in to the new device and fully charge that device. If the old SIM card is lost or not working properly then insert the new SIM card that came with the new device


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